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Food like life itself

Iloranta has taken care of its guests for over 70 years. We want to honour the history of the house and Häme traditions in our recipes, but we also create new delicacies all the time. We want to serve our guests great Finnish food from first-class fresh and tasty locally grown produce.
The treasures of the Iloranta dinner table are organic food at its best. We offer tasty delicacies straight from nature. The produce grows mainly in the lakes, forests and fields of Häme. Home-baked bread and smoked fish, along with organic potatoes, roast and, forest mushrooms -  everything home made and straight from the clear-water lakes, forests, and fields of Häme. You can even take part in the catching and preparing of the food yourself.

In autumn, you can catch crayfish from the Iloranta raft or prepare traditional pit-roast, and in the heart of winter, you can go ice fishing for burbots. Self-baked rye bread brings back memories even when you are at home.

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